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Experienced entreprenur in finance, technology and software. Built one of the first search engine companies on the internet - before google became a household name - sold it to a public company 2 years later. Created one of the first mulitmanager hedge funds twice named in WSJ as top 10 fund. Designed and deployed a unique RFID inventory tracking system for underwater devices. Imagined and then built a cutting edge risk managment software using modern portfolio theory and correlation analysis designed for Apple then Microsoft PC computers.


App Development, Experienced Presenter,
Phd in business experience, Masters Degree in Theology. Profile Headline: "Managing the Mobile Revolution...".

  • Fullname: Jeremy J Black
  • Job: Full Stack App Development, Product Evangelist, Consultant, Speaker
  • Website: www.jjblack.com, www.yodacom.com
  • Email: jb@yodacom.com


App Design and Development, Experienced Presenter, Product Evangelist

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More of my credentials.

Development of business ideas into app and web technology

Work Experience

App Designer and Development

2012 - Present


An app development and DTMA company. Developed 10 different apps - for a tooling company, non profits, promotions for town and money raisers, to a frozen yogert shoppe and resturant. DMTA stands for Digital Marketing Techology Architect - our focus was to develop tools which could integrate digital technology for automatiion of launching, marketing, and sales of products, personalities, and business brands

VP Digital Innovation

July 2010 - June 2012

Full Circle

Created the automation for linking affiliate marketers to call centers using a technology we created called the Click and Call Network. This technology tracked the sales of affiliates from inital click on a promotional web site, created by affiliates,through to the call center and tracked sales generated to be credited to the affiliate.

Web Designer

May 2000 - June 2004

Various Companies

Built websites using WordPress, ModX, and Joomla CMS. Sites varied from finance, fishing, and info product launches using various technologies

More work and Education

Aquatic Behaviour Technoloies

2001 - 2008

CEO/CFO/Chief Technologist

Built a research facility and designed a unique techology for attracting Spiny Lobstr with digital sound. The device used a patented process and device for playing back sound recorded from marine species. The device worked not only with Spiny Lobster but game fish as well. Along with this tech a method was devised to track inventory and lease payment required to keep the devices deployed and recharged worldwide

Advanced Investment Software

1985 - 1990


Ramcap stands for Risk Adjusted Mulitple Capital Asset Alloction Program. Concieved and partnered to build a software program that would take Modern Portfolio Theory and apply it to be used in a way that finanical advisors could easily use it to analyize, reposition, and then demonstrate the risk reward value of changing porfolio aaset allocations. This applied theory triggered the opportunity to speak worldwide on our approach and provided a platform to offer our software solution to finanical avisors from Banks and Accounting Firms to Brokerages and Finanical Planners. Sold in 1990

Advanced Investment Software

1984 - 1988

Navigator Fund

One of the First multimanager futures funds in Colorado. It used correlation theory and software to determine what managers to bring together for an asset class to add to financial advisors client portfolios for risk reduction using Modern Portfolio Theory which was nacent at the time. The fund was twice named a top 10 fund by the WSJ

Adjuct Professorship

1986 - 1990

College for Financial Planning

Created course, spoke, traveled and taught Modern Portfolio theory and Asset Allocation strategies.


Check Out Some of My Work.

Mostly Apps in IOS and Android Stores with a scattering of websites and webapps


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The mobile revolution is upon us and many businesses have yet to fully expand their capabilites in business, marketing, and opportuinies, as well as solve old problems a new way with mobile apps. I love to solve problems with software and grow business onto new levels with mobile apps. Let us serve you doing what we love.


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